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About us

About Lohmann and Rauscher (L&R)

L&R is an international manufacturer and distributor of high-quality dressing materials and medical devices. The Company considers itself as the preferred problem solver and reliable partner for medical patient care and hygiene products and services. Compression Therapy is just one area of specialism focused on the needs of care providers and patients.

Our mission – support patients for life

There are large and growing Vascular and Lymphoedema challenges worldwide: Despite diagnosis, patients often have been on a long journey before settling on treatment. The challenges are universal - their condition is difficult to live with and they are looking for help and support from care providers.

L&R compression is driven by a desire to support healthcare professionals and patients on their compression therapy journey. Our mission is to improve the quality of patient's life. We develop products that don't just solve the immediate problem; but offer support over a lifetime of care.